Welcome to Hamburg

Hamburg is a city open to the world, a recognised centre for law, which promotes international legal dialogue.

Rechtsstandort Hamburg e.V. was founded in 2009 to increase the national and international visibility of Hamburg as a centre for law, and to lay the foundations for its future development. The society seeks to be a platform for those active in the legal sector, to create an information hub, and to facilitate coordinated engagement. The society does this in partnership with, among others, the Hamburg Bar Association, the Hamburg Chamber of Notaries, the Hamburg Society of Lawyers, the Hamburg Society of Judges, the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, represented by the Department for Justice, in conjunction with the Max Planck Institute for comparative and international Private Law, the Bucerius Law School and the Law Faculty of the University of Hamburg.

Hamburg as a centre for law

Hamburg is a centre for law, with a tradition of republicanism and the rule of law, as well as a notable international outlook.


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